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Coworking has won the hearts of western entrepreneurs, freelancers and start-ups

But what makes this solution successful? Certainly, not only individual or common work in a rented room. This is a combination of an inspiring space, a sophisticated design, and, above all, an extensive business network. Such a space will be in the Koszyki Indoor Food Market soon. All thanks to global Mindspace Company, which proves that coworking is not just a rental desk. It is a place where not only innovative ideas, but also sustainable community develops.

Laptop, a cup of hot coffee, comfortable armchair, music filling the surroundings… It is an often reproduced schema of thinking about freelancers and start-ups, which sounds like a dream come true and a perfect solution for most of us. Few people, however, think about ponder over the true face of such. About lack of motivation and mobilization, difficulty in separation of a private life from a professional life, lack of concentration, lack of companionship, indeed – boredom.

Various young entrepreneurs abandon their pioneering ideas for business, because they cannot find solutions to emerging complications and answer to their questions by themselves. And yet, it is known that two heads are better than one. In particular, when we can constantly consult our ideas with people in a similar position, often visionaries who can inspire and encourage us to go beyond our own comfort zone. Is coworking the cure-all solution? Certainly, it is not, but it can work miracles in conjunction with networking!

After all, the best ideas and the most innovative businesses are formed when we expect them the least. When we are convinced that we were stuck in a place from which there is no way to move on. When we compare own solutions and ideas with the reality or we ask someone for advice, which can change our point of view. We do not experience this in four walls of own homes or in a trendy café with a cup of coffee. This is the added value that results from an extensive network of contacts. It is the future of coworking – a shared space that connects not only businesses, but also people.

A place that will be created in the Koszyki Indoor Food Market will help ensure access for young entrepreneurs, freelancers and start-ups access to an extensive network of global business. Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Tel Aviv, and soon the US will be at your hands. Mindspace Warsaw doesn’t simply amount to desks for rent, but also the opportunity to participate in a dynamic, non-virtual community. In October this year, the idea of coworking and networking will step to the next level. All due to Mindspace – a space filled with inspiration.

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