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9:00 - 21:00 (Sunday 10:00 - 20:00)

The concept of Kago Sushi emerged along

The concept of Kago Sushi emerged along with the idea to open the restaurant in Hala Koszyki – in Japanese “kago” means “basket”, which in Polish is “koszyk”.
Alon Than and Łukasz Skóra are the founders of the restaurant. Alon Than is a Sushi Master who won the World Sushi Cup in 2015. Łukasz Skóra is the owner of Izumi Sushi, a restaurant which won the title of best sushi restaurant in Poland, in 2010. Łukasz also has several years of experience as a Sushi Master. Kago Sushi serves not only traditional Japanese sushi but also signature specialties made by both Masters. Apart from sushi, at Kago Sushi, you can find other Japanese dishes such as Japanese pasta, Japanese spring rolls, pancakes with duck, and local fruit and vegetables used seasonally in Eastern cuisine.

IMPORTANT: we deliver through UberEats, tel: 888 888 328