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Little Classics at Koszyki | Family Sundays

Dear Parents and Guardians,

We would like to cordially invite your children aged 5-12 to the extraordinary world of classical music! Once a month, on Sundays at 12:00 PM, on the +1 floor at Hala Koszyki, a true musical feast awaits your little music enthusiasts. Our wonderful host, Marta Plasota, a pianist and educator, will take the children on an incredible journey through the history of classical music.

October 8th: “A Colorful Stroll in the Park” Through the sounds of Chopin and Tchaikovsky’s compositions, we will discover the beauty of autumn.

November 19th: “Rainy Tales by the Fireplace” Let’s transport ourselves to the family salons of Grieg, Beethoven, and Brahms as the rain patters outside.

December 3rd: “Musical Holidays/Nicholas Day at Hala Koszyki” We will explore how Christmas has looked throughout the centuries.

Our meetings are not just about fun; they also offer fascinating knowledge and enriching experiences. Classical music has a tremendous impact on children’s development, stimulating their imagination and senses.

Admission to all events is FREE, so come with your entire family and join us on this musical adventure! Let classical music become an inspiration for your children.

See you at Hala Koszyki!

Organizers: Hala Koszyki | Julian Cochran Foundation Sponsor: Symphar Media Patronage: