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A Postcard from the Uprising in Koszyki

Since August 11th, 2021, we have been screening ‘A Postcard from the Uprising’, which, using VR technology, can transports you in time to experience what it felt like to be one of the insurgents in the Warsaw Uprising of August 1944.  

‘A Postcard from the Uprising’ tells the story of one insurgent, Capt. Władysław Sieroszewski (‘Sabała’), who, on his way to take part in the Uprising, received a prayer card from his daughter. At that time, he had no idea how this card would determine his fate.  

This is the first fictionalised historical film made using virtual reality (VR) in Poland, which allows the viewer to take part in the events it depicts. This innovative technique makes it possible to reach a wider audience, including the younger generation, with its historical message.  

So, we invite you to the mezzanine of Hala Koszyki to take part.  

The film is shown every 45 minutes on each weekday, and takes place in full compliance with the current sanitary regulations (including during the intervals), such as mask wearing and hand disinfection during each screening.  

A maximum of 15 people can participate in a single screening.  

For larger groups (e.g. school trips), it is necessary to register your participation by e-mail:  

Attending the film is free and is suitable for those aged 12 and over. 

 The screenings take place from 9am to 3pm and are free of charge. 🙂 


Schedule of the event: August 11th, 2021 until July 31st, 2022 


Arte et Marte Foundation | VR Heroes studio 

Strategic partner:
Globalworth Foundation 

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