Music in Hala Koszyki!

Starting from November 11,2016 between 6pm and 12am every Friday and Saturday we’d like to introduce a regular cycle of live music in Hala Koszyki. The person responsible for the shows will be Stanisław Trzciński, a producer, a publisher and a musical journalist also known as the concert promoter and the author of such record series as “Positive Vibrations”, “Pinacolada”, “Pieprz i Wanilia”, “Sygnowano Fabryka Trzciny” and others.

The concerts of a well-known and liked DJ collective Soul Service DJ Team (using only the vinyl records), who has worked with Stanisław Trzciński for many years, together with the most talented young instrumentalists (playing saxophone, trumpet or trombone) were divided into regular theme blocks, as below:



The cycles will be hosted by DJ Cpt. Sparky, DJ Papa Zura, DJ Burn Reynolds, DJ Ojciec Karol, DJ Senhor Efebo and DJ Misty (Miściak). They will be accompanied by many different musicians like Marcin Gańko, Dominik Trębski, Marcin Świderski, Piotr Ziarkiewicz, Adam Kłosiński or Rafał Gańko.

Additionally, within the given scheme, the concerts will also be organised according to one more rule: each day of the musical weekend will be dedicated either to a chosen artist (eg. James Brown, Steve Wonder, Andrzej Zaucha, Rolling Stones, Bob Marley or Quincy Jones) or to a chosen musical genre (eg. bossa nova, when hip-hop meets funk, jazz is in the air, polish funk, soul, behind the groove, psychedelic, freaky, reggae, afrobeat, western grooves, eastern grooves, breakbeat, electronica or acid – jazz) or to a chosen period in music (eg. the 70’s or the 90’s, etc.) or finally to a chosen country or region (eg. Brazil, Brazilian funk, New Orleans or London.)


Friday, Feb 3 - DJ Senhor Efebo + Marcin Gańko (saxophone) - Latin Boogaloo

Saturday, Feb 4 - DJ Cpt. Sparky + Rafał Gańko (trumpet) - Tribute to Herbie Hancock



Friday, Feb 10 - DJ Ojciec Karol + Dominik Trębski (trumpet) - New Funk

Saturday, Feb 11 - DJ Cpt. Sparky + Rafał Gańko (trumpet) - Afrobeat - Tribute to Hugh Masekela


Friday, Feb 17 - DJ Burn Reynolds + Marcin Gańko (saxphone) - Boogie Wonderland

Saturday, Feb 18 - DJ Misty + Piotr "Ziarek” Ziarkiewicz (trumpet) - Soulful Disco


Friday, Feb 24 - DJ Papa Zura + Dominik Trębski (trumpet) - Funk of New Orleans

Saturday, Feb 25 - Cpt. Sparky + Piotr "Ziarek” Ziarkiewicz (trumpet) - Nu Jazz Set

The cast of the DJs and the musicians playing will be given to public information at the end of the month preceding the concerts.